The Steering Board is the body of the Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska, managing the work of the Agency. The Steering Board is comprised of five members. Four members of the Steering Board are appointed and dismissed by the Government of the Republic of Srpska, after conducting the public call procedure, whereas the student member of the Steering Board is appointed as per proposal of the Students’ Union of Republic of Srpska. The Chairman and members of the Board are appointed for a period of four years, with the possibility of one re-election. The exception is students’ representative whose mandate is one year.
Steering Board of the Agency is responsible for:

  • passing the Agency Statute
  • passing the Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Agency and decides on amendments according to identified needs
  • decides on the Agency operations, considers and adopts the Operations’ Report and the Annual Report of the Agency
  • passes the Rulebook on the internal systematization of the Agency's positions
  • adopts general acts and documents that regulate the accreditation procedure in accordance with applicable international and national regulations and standards
  • passes other general and individual acts related to achieving objectives and tasks of the Agency and ensures the legality of the Agency's work in accordance with the law and the Statute
  • appoints permanent and temporary panels and other bodies
  • performs other duties as set by law, the establishment act and the Statute