Head title HEAA RS

Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska is a public institution, with the status of legal entity, rights and obligations determined by the Law of Higher Education of Republic of Srpska, standards and quality assurance policies.

Agency is independent and non-profit organization, established by the Government of Republic of Srpska Decision, reference number: 04/1-012-2-273/11, dated 24th February, 2011.

The basic activity of the Agency is accreditation of higher education institutions in Republic of Srpska and their study programs, according to valid standards and criteria.


Mission and Values Statement of the Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska

RS HEAA is an institution that fosters quality culture in higher education of Republic of Srpska. For us, the quality is dialogue and development oriented process.

RS HEAA is committed to the principles of the European Higher Education Area and has an active role in European and world’s quality assurance networks.

RS HEAA continuously follows and analyses trends and scientific research in higher education, applying them in its own processes thus creating a holistic approach towards improving the quality of higher education institutions and study programs as a whole.

RS HEAA is committed to partnering with higher education institutions, through professional support in improving quality in science and education and through joint projects.

RS HEAA is committed to partnering with students thus encouraging them to actively engage in the creation of student-centred learning, teaching and assessment processes.

RS HEAA affirms conduct based on professionalism and respect, with both, its employees and other participants in quality assurance processes. We renounce all forms of discrimination and intolerance.

RS HEAA bases its activities on reliability and openness and makes available all relevant information, from the scope of its work, to the higher education system.

In the accreditation process, RS HEAA applies verification methods based on modern methodologies for quality assurance. Special attention is paid to the independence of the accreditation processes and objectivity of the accreditation outcomes.