Head of the Department for Quality Assurance and International Cooperation Duska Radmanovic participated in the webinar "Quality Assurance in Higher Education - the case of the Agency for Quality in Higher Education of Catalonia (AQU Catalunya)" which is one in a series of webinars organized by the National Council for Evaluation and quality of India (National Assessment and Accreditation Council NAAC).

AQU Director Marti Casadesus Fa presented the higher education system of Catalonia, a province in Spain, which has seven million inhabitants and 225,000 students at a total of 12 universities (seven public and five private).

Casadesus pointed out that AQU is one of the oldest quality assurance agencies in higher education in Europe, since it was founded 24 years ago, and that the agency is focused on accreditation of study programs and quality assurance of academic and scientific staff, and has started working initial accreditation of higher education institutions.

In addition to the above, according to him, AQU conducts numerous surveys in higher education, such as labor market analyzes, which included a survey of graduates from Catalan universities in order to determine their position in the labor market.

Casadesus stated that the agency that he is the head of, adjusted its procedures and standards in order for the accreditation process to continue unhindered even in the conditions of a pandemic, in a way that the visits were conducted long distance.