Accreditation Forum

Conclusions Of the First Accreditation Forum of Republic of Srpska, held on 7th July, 2011 in Banja Luka


  2. Initial membership in the Accreditation forum is established in the previous procedure of mutual recognition of experts with experience in the area of quality assurance in higher education, based on their consent and readiness to put their knowledge and experiences at the disposal of the RS academia. The table below lists initial members who are tasked to create the Rules of Procedure in accordance with the Agency Statute, to plan future activities, as well as to establish criteria and the procedure for future Forum membership.

  4. Prof.  Petar Maric, PhD, Bologna expert and member of EQAR (European Quality Assurance Register) Assembly is unanimously elected for the Chairman of the Accreditation forum.

  6. Considering the structure of the of the Republic of Srpska higher education institutions accreditation process, it was stated that the proposed procedure is greatly in compliance with the standings of academia and representatives of the competent institutions in RS and BiH and it represents the good basis for creating the accreditation procedure harmonised with the requirements of the European standards in this area.
    Members of the Forum shall continue with consultations and participate in creating the final text of procedures, so the Agency could adopt it by 15th August, 2011, what would be realisation of all preconditions for the start of higher education institutions accreditation in Republic of Srpska.

  8. Sufficient level of knowledge and experience was created for establishing the internal quality assurance system in the last few years, through the activities of the Council for the development of higher education and quality assurance and the participation of public higher education institutions in TEMPUS projects. Through additional consultations with the Council and Forum members and other experts in the area, higher education institutions shall systemise and improve their procedures of internal quality assurance through the phase of PREPARATION ACTIVITIES in order to provide effective and efficient implementation of the accreditation procedure.
    The higher education institutions at the Forum were thus offered documents: Check list-self-assessment tool and the Eligibility criteria for accreditation that will also be subject of future discussions and consultations.

  10. With the purpose of providing more effective support to higher education institutions in the processes of improving quality, the Forum members shall recommend the training programs for staff that are responsible or actively participate in establishing and improving the quality assurance system in higher education institutions. In the future, these programs should go through the formal process of adequate national and international verification (accreditation) and shall be realized in coordination with the Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republic of Srpska.

Commission for conclusions:

Prof. Petar Maric, PhD
Prof. Miroslav Bobrek, PhD
Prof. Zdravko Todorovic, PhD


Accreditation Forum Goals


On the way towards completing Agency’s mission on improving the quality of higher education in Republic of Srpska, the specific role, in terms of expertise, belongs to Accreditation Forum as an informal expert group with references in the area of quality assurance in higher education. According to available information, we have recognised certain number of prominent experts in this area and, through the work of Accreditation Forum, asked them to make  available their knowledge and experiences to the RS academia.   
The topic of the first Accreditation Forum meeting shall be issues concerning forthcoming accreditation in the Republic of Srpska higher education, according to the following agenda:

  1. Agreeing on the way of functioning of Accreditation Forum
  2. Republic of Srpska higher education institutions accreditation process
  3. Pre-accreditation activities of higher education institutions

Agency shall provide moderators for planned topics.

The meeting is planned for Thursday, 7th July, 2011 in the RS Government Conference room (ground floor), starting at 10 a.m.


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